Keywords = Constructivism
Number of Articles: 7
1. Conceptual Developments of Chinese Nationalism and its Impact on the Development-Based Foreign Policy

Volume 18, Issue 65, Spring 2022, Pages 115-149

Ehsan Fallahi; Ali Omidi; Enayatallah Yazdani

2. The Impact of Identity Crisis in Iraq (post-Saddam) on the Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Policy Orientation

Volume 17, Issue 64, Winter 2022, Pages 231-262

Moslem Haghi; Mohammad Yousefi Jouybari; Ehsan Shakeri Khoee

3. Geopolitical Security Environment of Israel and its Identical Others

Volume 14, Issue 52, Winter 2019, Pages 130-148

Hamed Faghihzadeh Gorji; Mohsen Eslami; Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi

4. Geopolitical Analysis of Iran and Oman Relations Before and After the Islamic Revolution

Volume 12, Issue 43, Summer 2017, Pages 121-151

Amir Saeeid Karami; Ahmad Dost Mohammadi

5. The Role and Status of the Shiite Values in Public Diplomacy; Case Study: Iran and Iraq Shiites

Volume 12, Issue 42, Summer 2016, Pages 124-150

Mohamadreza Amirzadeh; Sadegh Zeinali; Hojjat Zamanirad

6. Analysis of the Claims of United Arabic Emirates on three Iranian Islands in terms of Constructivism Approach

Volume 11, Issue 38, Summer 2015, Pages 60-87

Alireza Aghahosseini; Hossein Mahdian; Hamid Reza Bayat

7. The Evolution of Social Structure and Geopolitics of Power in Afghanistan

Volume 5, Issue 14, Summer 2009, Pages 168-197

Abbas Mossalanejad