Keywords = Crisis
Number of Articles: 6
1. The Impact of Identity Crisis in Iraq (post-Saddam) on the Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Policy Orientation

Volume 17, Issue 64, Winter 2022, Pages 231-262

Moslem Haghi; Mohammad Yousefi Jouybari; Ehsan Shakeri Khoee

2. Analysis of Vulnerable Elements of the Cities Water Infrastructure against Terrorist Threats

Volume 16, Issue 58, Summer 2020, Pages 32-57

Fathemeh Bakhshy; Seyyed Hadi Zarghani; Omid Ali Kharazmi

3. States, Culture and Identity Movement in Chaos Geopolitics

Volume 14, Issue 52, Winter 2019, Pages 21-45

Saeed Haji Naseri

4. The Rise of ISIS; the Future of the Middle East and Iraq’s Security

Volume 11, Issue 40, Autumn 2016, Pages 1-31

Abbas Mossallanejad

5. Study of the Challenges of Iran’s National Power; with Emphasis on National Identity Crisis

Volume 10, Issue 33, Winter 2015, Pages 60-82

Gholamhassan Heidari; Zohreh Heidari Bani

6. Geopolitical Changes and Crises in the Caucasus

Volume 3, Issue 10, Autumn 2008, Pages 56-79

Mahmood Vaezi