Keywords = Iraq
The Iran-Iraq War: Geopolitical Economy of the Conflict

Volume 14, Issue 52, February 2019, Pages 46-61

shahrouz shariati; Masoud Ghaffari

Kurdish Question and Its Impact on Iran-Turkey Relations

Volume 12, Issue 43, September 2017, Pages 1-27

Elaheh Koolaee; Rahman Hariri; Behnaz Asadikia

The Role of Geographical Spaces in Powers Competition; Case Study: Iraq

Volume 12, Issue 43, September 2017, Pages 54-84

Ataollah Abdi; Sakar Shirzad

The Role and Status of the Shiite Values in Public Diplomacy; Case Study: Iran and Iraq Shiites

Volume 12, Issue 42, July 2016, Pages 124-150

Mohamadreza Amirzadeh; Sadegh Zeinali; Hojjat Zamanirad

Role of Lebensraum as a Concept in Forming Iraq Foreign Policy and Political Behavior

Volume 8, Issue 25, March 2012, Pages 112-134

Morad Kavianirad; Chamran Booye

Role of Geopolitical Bottlenecks of Iraq in Occupying Kuwait

Volume 6, Issue 19, September 2010, Pages 45-69

Asghar Jafari Valdani