Keywords = The Middle East
Eurasian Economic Union – Iran Partnership on Bilateral and Multilateral Basis: Economic and Geopolitical Aspects

Volume 19, Issue 70, July 2023, Pages 91-107

Elnur T Mekhdiev; Elizaveta S Sokolova; Natalia V Toropova; Igbal A Guliev

Turbulence Management Model in Iran's Middle East Policy

Volume 19, Issue 70, July 2023, Pages 133-155

Sohrab Enami Alamdari; Nozar Shafiee; Ebrahim Mottaghi

Geopolitics of Energy and Russian Military Involvement in Syria

Volume 17, Issue 61, April 2021, Pages 116-144

Zahra Zomorodi Anbaji; Amir Mohammad Haji-Yousefi

The Role of Hollywood Cinema in Geopolitical Representation of the Middle East

Volume 16, Issue 60, January 2021, Pages 10-35

Morteza Ghourchi; sepideh mosaviyan

US Comparative Policy toward Iran and the Middle East Security

Volume 14, Issue 52, February 2019, Pages 1-20

Abbas Mossalanejad

The Middle East Security and Donald Trump’s Grand Strategy

Volume 13, Issue 48, December 2018, Pages 20-52

Abbas Mosalanejhad

Review of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Looking to the Future

Volume 13, Issue 48, December 2018, Pages 230-244

Ebrahim Taheri; Sana Naghosi

Trump's Middle East Policy Making and the Future of Security

Volume 12, Issue 44, January 2018, Pages 39-65

Abbas Mossalanejad

Religious Thoughts and its Effect on Organizing the Islamic Fundamentalism

Volume 12, Issue 44, January 2018, Pages 86-99

Saeid Reza Khalkhali; Ezzatollah Ezzati; Abdoreza Farajirad

Explaining the Geographical Peace Foundations in the Middle East (Case Study: Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia)

Volume 13, Issue 47, September 2017, Pages 79-102

Yadollah Karimipour; Hossein Rabiee; Ahamd Bazleh

The Strategic Capacity of Iran in the Peaceful Rise Doctrine of China

Volume 11, Issue 39, September 2016, Pages 139-169

Vajihe Sadaat Pournajafi; Shahrooz Shariati

Investigation of the Middle East and North Africa Boundaries from Human Features Perspective

Volume 12, Issue 41, March 2016, Pages 83-103

Hossein Mokhtari Hashi; Golnaz Naseroleslami

Hydropolitics in the Middle East in 2025 Case Study: the Basins of Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan & Nile Rivers

Volume 4, Issue 11, July 2008, Pages 36-74

Hossin Mokhtari Hashi; Mostafa Ghaderi Hajat