Keywords = national security
Political-Security Impacts of Drying of Lake Urmia

Volume 14, Issue 51, October 2018, Pages 95-127

Sirus Ahmadi; Mohammad Akbarzadeh

The Qualitative Relation between the Geographical Environment and the National Security

Volume 9, Issue 32, December 2015, Pages 125-154

Hossein Asarian Nejad; Mohsen Rostami; Leila Modabber

Iran and Defense Pact Necessaries: Approaches and Process

Volume 7, Issue 21, March 2011, Pages 111-135

Abbas Mossalanejad

Political Organization of Cultural and Functional Spaces and Areas in Iran

Volume 4, Issue 13, December 2009, Pages 75-101

Sayed Mousa Pourmosavi; Mahdi Mirzadeh Kouhshahi; Jahanbakhsh Rahnama Qarakhan Biglou