Keywords = Political Geography
Interpretive-Structural Modeling of the Affecting Factors on the Spatial Injustice in Iran

Volume 18, Issue 68, January 2022, Pages 1-25

Mostafa Ghaderi Hajat; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Ebrahim Roumina; Hadi Saifi Farzad

Scientific methodology in political geography

Volume 16, Issue 58, July 2020, Pages 118-156

mahmood vasegh; ahad mohamadi

Reflection of History and Historical Factors in the Paradigms and Thoughts of Political Geography

Volume 15, Issue 56, January 2020, Pages 79-109

omran rasti; Fatemeh sadat Mirahmadi

Epistemological Criticism of the View of Power/ Knowledge in Political geography and Geopolitics

Volume 15, Issue 55, December 2019, Pages 181-219

mahmood vasegh; ahad mohamadi

A Foucauldian Analysis of "Water security "Concept in Terms of Political Geography and Geopolitics

Volume 15, Issue 53, May 2019, Pages 23-59

hamidreza nosrati; Morad Kaviani rad; Farzaneh Sasanpour

A Study of the Interaction between the Realm of Government and Political Thought in the Early Sassanid Period

Volume 15, Issue 53, May 2019, Pages 207-229

Behrouz Afkhami; Zeynab Khosravi; karim Hajizadeh

Theoretical Explanation of Ethnic Divergence in Political Geography

Volume 13, Issue 48, December 2018, Pages 92-120

Ataollah Abdi

Analysis of Iran’s International Borders from the Perspective of Stephen Jones

Volume 13, Issue 48, December 2018, Pages 308-334

Mosayeb Gharehbeygi; Sajjad Pourali Otikand

Conceptual Explanation of Shiite Geopolitics (A New Definition)

Volume 14, Issue 49, March 2018, Pages 58-81

Sayed Abbas Ahmadi

Conceptualization of Spatial Justice in Political Geography

Volume 11, Issue 40, December 2016, Pages 32-60

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Mustafa Ghaderi Hajat

A Political Geographic Analysis of Developing State Systems

Volume 11, Issue 40, December 2016, Pages 61-84

Jason E. Strakes

A New Approach to the History of Political Geography in the World

Volume 10, Issue 33, March 2015, Pages 1-36

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia

Geopolitical Challenges of Regional Integration Case study: Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)

Volume 8, Issue 25, March 2012, Pages 1-41

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Hossein Mokhtari Hashi; Abdoreza Roknaldin Eftekhari

Designing of a Model for Measurement of National Power of the States

Volume 2, Issue 4, July 2005, Pages 46-73

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Hadi Zarghani; Zahra Ahmadypur; Abdolreza Roknoddin Eftekhari

Methodology and Concepts in Political Geography and International Relation: A Comparative Study

Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2005, Pages 1-41

Dorreh Mirheidar; Hossein Hamidinia