Keywords = Energy
Strategic Implications of Scenarios Facing Shanghai Organization on Iranian Energy Geopolitics

Volume 11, Issue 40, December 2016, Pages 177-201

Mostafa Salimifar; Fazeleh Khadem

Modeling and Analysis of the Russia and Europe Competition on Energy, Based on the Game Theory

Volume 11, Issue 39, September 2016, Pages 117-138

Masoud Khorammi; Majid Sheikh Mohammadi

The Strategic Capacity of Iran in the Peaceful Rise Doctrine of China

Volume 11, Issue 39, September 2016, Pages 139-169

Vajihe Sadaat Pournajafi; Shahrooz Shariati

Iran's Geopolitical Status of Metaphorically Language, Looking at the Energy Sphere

Volume 10, Issue 34, July 2015, Pages 137-159

Mohammadali Shirkhani; Hamed Mohajerpoor

Climate Change and the Geopolitical Challenges of the North Pole

Volume 10, Issue 35, September 2014, Pages 20-55

Dorreh Mirheydar; Zahra Peshgahifard; Behador Gholami; Ghasem Azizi; Amir Hossein Ranjbarian

An Outlook on Energy Cooperation Approaches in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Region

Volume 8, Issue 28, December 2013, Pages 41-71

Elaheh Koolaee; Mandana Tishehyar

Explanation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Geopolitical Relationship with Kazakhstan

Volume 9, Issue 30, July 2013, Pages 49-81

Elaheh Koolaee; Amir Ebrahimi

Geopolitics of Development: A Study of the Impacts of IPI Pipeline on Regional Development

Volume 5, Issue 16, December 2010, Pages 85-105

Seyed Sadrodin Moosavi Jashni; Mohammad Nooralah

Islamic Republic of Iran and the Geopolitics of the South Caucasus

Volume 6, Issue 17, March 2010, Pages 75-111

Elaheh Koolaee