Author = Behador Gholami
Geographical Legislation; with Emphasis on the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 13, Issue 46, June 2017, Pages 151-173

M Zolfaghari; B GHolami; M.M Ahmadimoein

Climate Change and the Geopolitical Challenges of the North Pole

Volume 10, Issue 35, September 2014, Pages 20-55

Dorreh Mirheydar; Zahra Peshgahifard; Behador Gholami; Ghasem Azizi; Amir Hossein Ranjbarian

Critical Analysis of Iran's Ethnicity Maps

Volume 9, Issue 31, September 2013, Pages 1-30

Dorreh Mirheidar; Bahador Gholami; Fatemeh Sadat Mirahmadi