Investigation of the Sustainable Political Development; Case Study: Iran

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1 Associate Professor of Political Geography, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D Student of Political Geography, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


Iran has been a multinational society that different ethnics live together peacefully. By promotion of nationalism in Safavid era living peacefully together diminished. Interestingly the policy that originates from view point of the ancient Iran utopia was in contrast with the period requirements. Unsustainable patterns such as discrimination, compulsory decampment, combination, etc. were the conditions that Middle East and Iran ethnicities had experienced. These conditions lead to a situation to take every issue as a conjecture that means to take every subject from political view and connect it to peoples’ lives. So political system, country divisions, election, taking part in election, social and economic domains led to being worry that determines the political future of the country and eventually the strength and weakness of social sources as one of the important sources would be determined by taking part and unity of the different classes of the society. A structure that aims at sustainable political development as the essence of its policy and tries to ensure its people in the territorial frame would lead to replacement of conjectures and the unity and living together of different ethnics. It also concentrate on the abilities that lead to the benefits and reach at the goals of the different ethnics instead of paying attention to issues that has no benefits.
The research is descriptive- analytic in terms of nature and method. Data gathering procedure is based on library finding. Data analysis and conclusion will be done using qualitative method.     
Sustainable political development means complex issues that prevent forming a unified political structure especially in heterogeneous geographical units, would lead to the extraction of structure forces and use of them in erroneous way. If these conditions are managed properly, it would lead to the progress that has added-value. Sustainable political development means these issues would be solved in a way that firstly lead to the progress of everyone and secondly set free the spiritual and material abilities of the structure in a way that provide next generations with welfare. Such a situation is not unusual in Western world and also it is connected with political management. Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, and other countries are successful in this relation, but Middle East nations are example of intolerance in nationalism and nation-state era in the past 150 years, that contradicts with the history of these nations and it is one of the fundamental causes that led to the underdevelopment of these nations, and Iran has engaged in this interior and external battle. Iran had a great history in having sustainable political development, a situation that lasted until Safavid Emperor. Rising of jingoism in Iran led to the absence of sustainable political development and also caused fundamental troubles. 


Volume 11, Issue 39
September 2016
Pages 33-58
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  • Revise Date: 20 December 2014
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  • First Publish Date: 23 September 2015