Globalization and Models of Regional Security in the Global System

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- Associate Professor of International Relations, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Globalization has had significant impacts on the world system with manifold effects. Globalization is a powerful process of the new world system and its security, and it represents one of the most influential forces in determining the future regional security, Principally globalization of international system has become as one of the most important and Controversial subject in the theories of international relations. Globalization can be seen a historical long term process that increasingly intensify in new world politics. In this path globalization has different consequences and will change international system especially its construct and internal boundary .in this respect the world has developed in to system of regions. Regions are of course not existence of isolation; rather they are closely interconnected with one another. With growing regionalism one of the most important debates in international relations and regional studies is relationship between globalization of international system and regional security. In other word how globalization's effects on security of world system and regions is an important subject in international relations. But literatures of international relations have ignored that how can we design models of globalization and regional security in the global system? This article proposes three models including geo-economics, geo culture and geopolitics for studying regional security in globalized system. These models are introduced as an analytical framework that highlights the regional security in the global system.
This article surveys this question that what models of regional security studies can be designed   in situation of emergence of a global system. In this respect Therefore this study investigates the relationship between globalization, regionalism and regional security. This article for designing of these models uses the inductive method.
Results and Discussion
In this article by considering of main question in the first stage a formal model of regional security and world system would be designed. In the second step by considering the effects of globalization especially in areas of geo-economics, geo culture and geostrategic three model of regional security will be designed.
By use of inductive method and emphasis on network theory article offers three model of regional security in the new global system. First is geo-economics’ model of regional security. In this model and geo cultural model most important consequences of globalization on regional security area are as flowing: 
-   marginalization of some regions in economic global cycle;
-   Strategic relations between regions become asymmetric;
-   Fragile and vulnerable nature of the peripheral regions in its strategic link with the central regions;
-   Vulnerable nature of peripheral regions in situation of crisis in world system because of linkage between crises;
-   change of geo-economics sensitivities to geopolitics sensitivities;
-   external intervention by intrusive power as most important security dilemma of sensitive geopolitics and geo-economics peripheral regions;
-   collapse of weak states;
-   occurrence of identity and ethnic crisis in regional network;
-   internal war in geo culture network;
-   penetration and Spread of crises to other networks.
And in geostrategic model globalization has several consequences. Geostrategic structure is one structure of global system .this structure is production of power rule and its position in internal and external interaction of global system. In other world anarchical law and power centric, other principal relative to this causes forming of geo structure .process of globalization would change global geostrategic network and its construction.
In these respective elements of geo strategic model and consequences of globalization on regional security area are as flowing:
-   strategic interdependence as starting point of model;
-   participation of all powers including of great, middle and small powers in grand global strategic games;
-   formation of global strategic cycle along with its elements as flowing:
1-    differential actors;
2-    globalization of strategic threats;
3-    strategic instruments and theirs proliferation;
4-    global strategic goals;
5-    global strategic targets;
6-    intervetionism by global order;
7-    regional order and its resistance; 
8-    intense linkage between dominant order and regional orders.


Volume 8, Issue 27
September 2012
Pages 60-90
  • Receive Date: 22 February 2011
  • Revise Date: 24 May 2011
  • Accept Date: 19 August 2011
  • First Publish Date: 22 September 2012