Palestinian Issue and the Security Council of UN:Use of Veto Prevents the Establishment of International Peace

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Associate Professor of Political Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

2 - Assistant Professor of Political Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran



The Occupied Palestinian Territories have been a source of conflict for much of the twentieth century. The Palestinian Issue for the UN and especially for the Security Council (SC) is a main challenge which menaces continuously the international peace and security in the World. As our major question, we desire to elaborate the role and the policies of the SC concerning the Palestinian Issue. Through this paper, we seek firstly to explain the issue and then to evaluate the Security Council`s activities.  We try to observe if the SC has been accomplished, based on the Charter of UN, its main duty, i.e. the peace keeping?
We have chosen the Critical Theory of International Relations as our theoretical framework. As our conclusion,, we try to prove that the SC has failed to accomplish its main duty. The right of Veto and the US pressure are considered as the major factors which prevent the SC to play its expected role. The Palestinian Issue  demonstrates more and more the fact of need for the essential reforms in UN structure, especially in the Security Council.


Volume 7, Issue 24
December 2012
Pages 78-99
  • Receive Date: 29 August 2011
  • Revise Date: 27 October 2011
  • Accept Date: 20 January 2012
  • First Publish Date: 20 January 2012