Iran Factor in U.S- China Relations: 1991-2009

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Associate Professor, School of International Relations

2 -Assistant Professor, Shahrood Islamic Azad University


This research paper attempts to answer this question that “where Iran stands in the American_ Chinese relations in the post-cold war era?”  In response to this question, the research, analyzes the American strategic thinking; the sources to threat to international security and how to manage them as perceived by American security elites and how it relates to Iran. Then Chinese perspective on global security is examined. Within these two conceptual frameworks, the "Iranian- American- Chinese" triangle is scrutinized. The paper argues that Chinese- Iranian relations are influenced by Chinese- American strategic partnerships and economic interdependency   is such that china limits its interactions with Iran to economic and energy sphere and regardless and its declaratory position on unjust international order, is in relation coordination with U.S in global security arrangements against Iran.


Volume 7, Issue 22
July 2011
Pages 71-104
  • Receive Date: 26 May 2010
  • Revise Date: 25 January 2011
  • Accept Date: 10 April 2011
  • First Publish Date: 22 June 2011