Analysis of Iran Geo-economics Position in the Middle East

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- Ph.D Student of Political Geography, Azad-e Islami University, Tehran


The ever increasing requisiteness of energy especially by industrialized east and south Asia countries established the modern competitors for traditional consumers and competition, effort and endeavor for exploitation and transformation of energy and proposed courses have been inaugurated the new issues in the geopolitics subjects in this manner, the unprecedented increasing in the worldwide demands for energy anticipated the modern periods for geopolitics competitions in the axis economics issues especially  in the energy, in order that  its producers and consumers countries and powers can plan the modern structure from multilateral relations and continuing its surveying.
Locating of Iran in the two most significant regions of Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea awarded the special importance in the geopolitical, strategical and geoeconomical to Iran.
This role in the political grounds and in the respect to geographical and energy transformation can be regarded the unique role in that which, in spite of structural capabilities of geopolitics and geo-economics, Iran wasn't enjoying the suitable infiltration geopolitics in the regional and international interactions. In these regard, this paper tries to assess and analyzing the geo-economics position of Iran in the region.


Volume 5, Issue 15
September 2009
Pages 41-65
  • Receive Date: 08 November 2008
  • Revise Date: 27 April 2009
  • Accept Date: 08 January 2010
  • First Publish Date: 08 January 2010