Role of Caucasian Mountains in Determining Identity Border in the North West of Iran

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- Assistant Professor of History, Urmia University, Urmia - Iran


Although scientific study of the influence of the geography on the policy is not that much old, exploitation of natural phenomenon for political aims is as old as humans' social life. By formation of social units called country in the world and the threat of this part for these units, politicians were forced to join their frontiers - which were meaningless without that country – to the natural phenomenon which had a suitable preventing role to protect their national security, with less expenses, as much as possible, therefore, one of the chains of the connection between geography and politics was found for the politicians.
By formation of the big government in Iran from Mad era thereafter, and with the advantage of Iran being situated in the land (dryness) of the great Caucasian Mountains of about 1200 kilometers length in the northwest, it was an appropriate option for the Iranian governments to choose the natural frontier. This study aims to answer these questions:

What political situation do Caucasian Mountains have during history?
What is the portion of the limitation of the frontiers of Iran to Caucasian Mountains during a long time and formation of its historical identity in the south? 

In the present study, it was tried to utilize a historical method to answer the proposed questions. According to the obtained results, it was clear that the presence of Iran frontiers during a long time in Caucasian Mountains caused Iranian identity to be formed in southern areas.


Volume 5, Issue 14
July 2009
Pages 137-167
  • Receive Date: 13 February 2009
  • Revise Date: 27 April 2009
  • Accept Date: 16 September 2009
  • First Publish Date: 16 September 2009