The Evolution of Social Structure and Geopolitics of Power in Afghanistan

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- Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran


In the years after 1990, constructivism approach has been used toward explaining the regional conflicts, and it can be determined that such a subject can derived from cultural and structural components within the interpretation of regional developments.
Regional conflicts in a bipolar system have always been affected by Structure of the international system and playing the international role by United State & Soviet Union and Occupying the Afghanistan by USSR is a good proof for that.
Afghanistan has much ethnic and cultural diversity, and mainly locked in an instable and insecure room. This indicate that Geopolitics scheme after the cold war has been influenced by ethnic, racial, religious and cultural issues in such countries  and this issue has created some contrasts in the different geopolitical areas.


Volume 5, Issue 14
July 2009
Pages 168-197
  • Receive Date: 23 May 2009
  • Revise Date: 29 July 2009
  • Accept Date: 31 August 2009
  • First Publish Date: 31 August 2009