The Application of Economic Security Criteria in Geo-economic Changes through Globalization

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Ph.D in Strategic Management, Petroleum Ministry, Tehran

2 - Ph.D, Economic Department, Tehran University


Privatization and liberty of economic activities in commercial, investment and overseas transactions along with development of technology are the initial stages prior to globalization. Reviewing the geo-economic changes in the recent century, we can identify technology development in energy, transportation and communication as an important source of development in world economy. In this regard, economic security could be identified as the main objective in the process of globalization.
In this paper, after presenting the theoretical and practical aspect of subject, economic security will be demonstrated based on a conceptual model. Then the developed model will be applied to 117 countries using international information of WDI databank from 1980 to 2002. The estimation of economic security criteria is the main result of this paper which could be applied in analyzing both geo-economic changes in world economy and economic security in Iran in comparison to other countries. As conclusion, this paper presents some political recommendations for improvement of economic security criteria in Iran.


Volume 3, Issue 7
March 2007
Pages 50-74
  • Receive Date: 06 August 2007
  • Revise Date: 02 November 2007
  • Accept Date: 01 March 2008
  • First Publish Date: 01 March 2008