Geopolitical Situation and Social Insecurity (Case Study: Khaf and Roshtkhar in the east of Iran)

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- Assistant Professor, University of Tehran


In a geopolitical approach, social insecurity in eastern part of Iran is considered as one of the main threatening issues which endanger national security in Iran. This paper has focused on assessing the relationship between geopolitical situation and social insecurity in Khaf and Roshtkhar, the first one is a border-city in the neighborhood of Afghanistan and the second is a non-border city. Indicators such as murder, hijacking, violence, and corruption have been considered to achieve a working definition of social insecurity. Independent variables are defined using indicators such as distance from international borders, existence of police stations, population density, and mountainside or non-mountainside habitations. The resulting data was analyzed by SPSS and GIS software to see how social insecurity was affected by Geopolitics situation of Khaf and Roshtkhar. There is a meaningful relationship between geopolitical situation and social insecurity.


Volume 2, Issue 5 - Serial Number 6
September 2006
Pages 90-121
  • Receive Date: 14 April 2007
  • Revise Date: 02 July 2007
  • Accept Date: 25 August 2007
  • First Publish Date: 25 August 2007