Methodology and Concepts in Political Geography and International Relation: A Comparative Study

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Passing through many ups and down, Political Geography as an academic discipline, has experienced significant and noticeable growth and development during the last hundred years especially Geopolitics, which as a subject of Political Geography, has attracted the attentions of political and scientific circles. While the actual topics of Geopolitics i.e. review and study of relations among political units in local, national, regional and zonal scale, there are much similarities with proposed topics in the knowledge of international relations especially at national, regional and international levels and the same matter cause ambiguity between two knowledge, their relations with each other as well as common definition, topic and particularly specific knowledge between students and researchers.
The present article tries to pose the major question such as what are the main reasons of resemblance and proximity between Political Geography (especially Geopolitics) and International Relations. In addition to this, numerous questions have been propounded which are as follows:
a) What are the relationship between Political Geography, International Relations and Geopolitics?
b) What are their specific and common concepts?
c) What is the resemblance and differences in this two knowledge, with reference to methodology?
The present article has attempted to reply the questions through comparative methods. According to the accumulated results, the main reason of similarities and proximities of Political Geography, Geopolitics and International Relations is the presence of key concept of country or the state in both the knowledge.