Racial and organizing atmosphere political: Case study:West and north – west of Iran

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Considering different functions of organized atmosphere political,specifically in multi cultural communities(linguistic-religious) is regarded as one of the most important subjects in political geography studies.
However main functions of the country divisions , is titled as decentralization of governing country and easing of conducting national intention , but existing internal and external threats for each community especially state the elements of national security which are stable and unchangeable goals of government,  as dependent variable from functions of country divisions in form of a question and related hypothesis.
Evaluation of hypothesis "lack of relationship between these elements with kind of organizing atmosphere political in west and north – west of iran" (in spite of evidence with its historical experiences) is based on analyzing the votes of countries experts Which have the long record of presence and responsibility at that areas that by implementing of descriptive-analytic method and different statistical tests. The results of these tests indicate that not only these functions of organized atmosphere political in compare with past have not decreased but also increased with regarded to new environmental and international conditions. so we can say that These elements in different states after the Islamic revolution have had effectiveness from the framework of country divisions. These effects on stability of kordish areas of west specifically in south of west Azerbayjan and Kurdistan but have the low effects on torkish and kordish areas in Kermanshah and Eelam cities because of more religious correlation.