The decision - making process in division of khorasan province and Its political and social impact

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The historical records and precedence show that the decision - making process in connection with the administrative division o the country has not taken in a usual and peaceful way but rather involved some unwanted tensions. In this connection, the study of decision - making process, being executed or under execution, and examining the gathering and compilation of impacting and influencing roles on the decision-making process can bring to light some of these angles, however they might be small. The division of khorasan province is one of the grave challenges facing the administrative division of the country that kept the decision - makers of the country for a long time in an uncertainty resulting from different and even some contradictory viewpoints among the elites and politicians of the country.
 In these articles, by presenting such viewpoints and their impacts on decision - making, we will ultimately discuss the situation and state of affairs of the divided region.