Analyzing Different Approaches Toward Terrorist Operations Against the West

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This  paper argues  different  viewpoints  about the  outbreak of violence against Western countries.Terrorist action on  September 11, 2001  against  the  American  State  supposed to be a  vocal point. Many Western  analysts  believe  that  there  is a  serious confrontation  between the  West  and  Islam. The Western  countries, specially  the US,  with  reference to  these  terrorist  attacks, have  executed  violent  and  military  responses  against  many  Islamic  groups and Islamic  countries. In  turn, these  operations  created  counter-attacks  against  the US  and  some  other  Western  allies.
This article  presents  five  different perspectives  which  want to  explain the  incidents. These  perspectives  which are  mainly  collected  from  Western sources,  include  Imperialism, counter- response,  decreasing the  role  of  States, Islamism and  the  clash  of  civilizations. All of  them  would be  explained  and  criticized. The  paper  argues that the  West has  failed to  reach  a  comprehensive  and   conclusive  theory;  but each  prespective  provide  some  explanation  for the  violent  incidents.