Author = Mohammad Reza Hafeznia
Investigating the Effective Factors on Political Organization and Management of the Space in the World States

Volume 17, Issue 62, June 2021, Pages 27-61

Abolfazl Kavandi Kateb; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia

Political Reflections on International Migration from the Middle East to Europe

Volume 16, Issue 59, October 2020, Pages 29-51

seyyedeh zahra alavi shushtari; Mohamad-Reza Hafeznia

Characterizing Geopolitical Factors Affecting Establishment of Legal Regime in Caspian Sea

Volume 15, Issue 53, May 2019, Pages 1-22

Mohammadreza Hafeznia; Sepanta Mojtahedzadeh; Hassan Pirdashti

The Role of Local State in Peace Building

Volume 14, Issue 51, October 2018, Pages 1-30

Mahdi Karimi; Mohammadreza Hafeznia

Political Management of Space in Unitary State Systems

Volume 9, Issue 29, March 2013, Pages 1-31

Mohamedreza Hafeznia; Ebrahim Roumina; Zahra Ahmadypour; Ali Asghar Fani


Volume 6, Issue 19, September 2010, Pages 1-8

M.R Hafeznia

Chief Editor's Note:The Humanist Geopolitics

Volume 3, Issue 10, December 2008, Pages 1-3

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia

A new Concept of the Heartland

Volume 3, Issue 8, July 2007, Pages 6-1

Mohammad Reza Hafeznia

Racial and organizing atmosphere political: Case study:West and north – west of Iran

Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2005, Pages 1-26

M. R. Hafeznia; Mohamad ghasri; Hamid Ahmadi; Hosein Hoseini