Author = Sirus Ahmadi Nohdani
Explaining the components of geopolitical interests in Iran-Turkey foreign relations

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 July 2022

Esmaeil Alamdar; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; zahra Ahmadypoor; syrous Ahmadi Nohdani

Explaining the Action Pattern of Geopolitical Territorialization of Countries

Volume 19, Issue 71, November 2023, Pages 1-33

Davood Rezaei; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Mohammad Hossein Afshardi; Sirus Ahmadi Nohdani

Explaining the Geopolitical Challenges of Iran-France Relations

Volume 17, Issue 63, July 2021, Pages 1-31

Sirus Ahmadi Nohdani; Mostafa Ghaderi Hajat; Hamid Reza Yousefi

Energy Geopolitics with Emphasis on Iran Gas Potential to Promote Europe Energy Security

Volume 16, Issue 60, January 2021, Pages 36-78

Syrus Ahmadi Nohadani; Arash Ghorbani Sepehr

Geopolitical view of French geographers and thinkers on Iran

Volume 15, Issue 55, December 2019, Pages 221-270

syrus ahmadi

Political-Security Impacts of Drying of Lake Urmia

Volume 14, Issue 51, October 2018, Pages 95-127

Sirus Ahmadi; Mohammad Akbarzadeh