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A Critical Geopolitical Analysis of the Representation of Africa in International Relations: Andrew Linklater’s Approach

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 17 November 2023

Ali Esmaeili Ardakani

Explain the Ethnic Policies of the Islāmic Republic of Iran in Popular Films using Content Analysis Methods

Volume 19, Issue 69, January 2023, Pages 33-68

Rasoul Afzali; Abolghasem Mahmoodi; Ali Bagheri

The Role of Hollywood Cinema in Geopolitical Representation of the Middle East

Volume 16, Issue 60, January 2021, Pages 10-35

Morteza Ghourchi; sepideh mosaviyan

The Role of Geographical Imagination and Geopolitical Representation in Dividing Space/Place into "our" and "their"

Volume 16, Issue 60, January 2021, Pages 79-100

Yunes Rashidi; Zahra Ahmadypoor; Akbar Alemi; Moloud Bayat

A Geopolitical Analysis: Representation of Spaces of Fear ‎in Cinema

Volume 14, Issue 50, September 2018, Pages 21-55

Zahra Ahmadypour; Yunes Rashidi

Analysis of Constituencies of Golestan Province After Islamic Revolution of Iran

Volume 7, Issue 21, March 2011, Pages 14-40

Zahra Ahmadypour; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Abdolvahab Khojamli