Keywords = Geo-Culture
Exploring the Effects of key Factors of Smart Urban Governance on Geocultural Relations

Volume 19, Issue 70, July 2023, Pages 345-369

Seyed Jalal Faraji; Ahmad Zanganeh; Pouria Pirastefar; Hamed Hedari

Studying Hydro-Political and Geo-Cultural Relationship between Iran and Tajikistan

Volume 18, Issue 66, December 2022, Pages 35-56

Ata Abdi; Mohammad Amereh; Afshin Mottaghi

The Battle of Chaldiran: A Geopolitical Narrative

Volume 18, Issue 67, December 2022, Pages 165-198

Arash Reisinezhad; Jalaloddin Sadeqi

Geo-culture and Security, Israel's Actions in Iranian Culture Territory (Case Study: India)

Volume 12, Issue 44, January 2018, Pages 66-85

Hossein Rabiee; Yadollah Karimipour; Ali Aboalkhani

Globalization and Models of Regional Security in the Global System

Volume 8, Issue 27, September 2012, Pages 60-90

Farhad Ghasemi