Keywords = Democracy
To Vote or Not to Vote: The Rights and Liberties of Voters in The Electoral System

Volume 19, Special Issue, July 2023, Pages 1-21

Rasyikah Md Khalid; Evien See; Paavana Pooja Rajasegaran; Suhaimi Ab Rahman; Asaad Ghali Hamzah

Veto Power: A Legal Debate in the United Nations Security Council

Volume 19, Special Issue, July 2023, Pages 37-58

Raihaana Azmi; Anis Suraya Azmy; Mohd Zamre Mohd Zahir; Ali Hussein Abdullah Al-Dulaimi

Personal Media Restrictions on Freedom of Speech: A Social Contract Theory Behind It

Volume 19, Special Issue, July 2023, Pages 119-144

Nabeel Mahdi Althabhawi; Chao Wei Zhe; Nadia Sofea Binti Zainal Abidin; Mustafa Habeeb Obaid Al Imari

The Political Judgment in the Judiciary System in Malaysia

Volume 19, Special Issue, July 2023, Pages 167-188

Nurin Qistina Binti Izarudin Shah; Nur Ashsyifa' Aqila Binti Mohd Yusof; Jady Zaidi Hassim; Thamer Rmadhan Ameen

A Geopolitical Approach Toward Deficit and Non- Growth of Democracy in The Middle East [Case Study: Iran and Saudi Arabia]

Volume 16, Issue 60, January 2021, Pages 234-263

Rasoul Afzali; Mehdi Mirzadeh Koohshahi; Abolghasem Mahmoodi; Seyedmohammad seyediasl

The Recent Upheavals in the Arab World, Regional Balance of Power and New Grouping in the Middle East

Volume 14, Issue 51, October 2018, Pages 128-142

Keyhan Barzegar; Abdolali Ghavam; Mehdi Zakeryan; Seyed Hafez Mousav

Explanation of relationship between Geography and Elections (Electoral Geography)

Volume 10, Issue 36, December 2015, Pages 93-108

Morad Kavianirad; Majid Rasouli

Spatial Wide Spread of Democracy Phenomenon in the World

Volume 7, Issue 24, December 2012, Pages 100-119

Zahra Pishgahi Fard; Mohammad Zohdi Goharpour