Noopolitics; A new paradigm in geopolitics.

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1 Department of Political Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran

2 Department of political geography, Faculty of geography, university of tehran

3 Department of Political Geography, Faculty of geography. University of Tehran

4 Department of political geography. Faculty of geography. University of Tehran

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At the end of 20thcentury and cold war, the world witnessed drastic changes in the geopolitical map which in turn paved the ground for modern geostrategic competitions.The first change was the political concern due to military dynamics.The second one was mainly economical and the third emerging change belongs to the development of information revolution with its repercussions in the form of knowledge power,which has penetrated in the non-government players and resulted in the world unity and production of a new concept called world discipline. As a result,theorists as well as strategists consider it as paradigmatic change.However,the majority,relate it to important paradigms of real-politics and nationalism.

In this regard, the interaction between knowledge and power,would amend the very simple geopolitical principles which have been forgotten by real political or realistic policies. Geopolitics is a kind of panoptic perspective from power/knowledge which is defined upon evaluating the positions of world power poles to help practice statecraft.Thus, while the structures and even dynamics of world principle are undergoing serious changes, in the discussion of geopolitics,new paradigms especially in non-governmental domains, encompassing civil society players, are coming to existence which are called noopolitics in terms.Noopolitics is an approach toward statecraft which is used by non-government organizations taken as state players.It emphasizes on the role of soft power to present ideas, values, norms, and ethics via all media.This, in turn, results in the kind of realistic policy which emphasizes on hard and materialistic dimension of power and on states as determiners of world principle.


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