Qeshm Geopark and an Evaluation of its Capabilities for Various Activities

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1 Department of Human Geograohy and planning , faculty of geography, university of Tehran, Tehran

2 Ph.D Student of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Tehran, Iran.

3 Ph.D Student of Spatial Planning, University of Tehran.Iran.



The registration of Qeshm Geopark as the first geopark of Iran and the Middle East region in the list of global geoparks by UNESCO along with its natural, cultural, historical, economic, commercial and military capabilities has brought Qeshm Island to a unique position. It has made it have international value in addition to national and regional value. One of the ways to achieve coordinated development with the principles of sustainability and spatial planning is to evaluate the ecological potential of areas, this article examines the potential of using Qeshm Geopark for various activities. The current research has evaluated the potential of Qeshm Geopark in relation to agricultural activities, environmental protection, tourism, urban and commercial development, and industrial development using a systemic perspective and providing an ecological model. In this research, documentary information was collected from available library sources, and in the next step, maps related to the shape of the land in Qeshm Geopark were prepared in the GIS environment, after combining and analyzing the maps and combining them with existing social information ؛Economic information, in the final exploitation capacity of Qeshm Geopark, based on the ecological model of exploitation and using the multi-factor evaluation method, has been investigated at the level of the whole island. The results show that Qeshm Geopark has a suitable and high capacity for tourism development and extensive and concentrated industrial development and lacks sufficient capacity for agricultural development And the ecological potential And urban development and environmental protection has been assessed as moderate.


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