Explain and Leveling Basic Dimensions of Border Studies

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor of Political Geography, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


Borders are geo-spatial phenomena which including different dimensions. So, research and scientific work in the field of border studies for being accurate and acceptable should be done in such a way those different dimensions of border studies have considered. The problem is that only some dimensions have been considered and not others which would provide reduction of the credibility and effectiveness of the studies. The first step in the study of border can be considered basic dimensions of the border. So, this study has been completed by analytical and descriptive study and by using content analysis and data library with the aim of achieving basic dimensions of border studies. The results indicate that the dimensions discussed in border studies derived from theories, views and border articles are at least 55, which can be divided in the form of eight; geographical, political-sovereignty, defense-security, socio-cultural, economic, legal, geopolitical and technological. These dimensions and indexes by T-test have been evaluated and approved and their ranking is as follows; security- defense have the highest score and technological the lowest score. On the other hand it should be noted with regard to the nature of the bilateral border; these eight basic dimensions of border must be considered on both sides of the border and studied until scientific studies and researches have the necessary performance.