Rebalancing of Iran’s Regional Role in U.S Policy

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Assistant Professor of Political Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen Branch, Iran


Rebalancing of Power is one of the most important subjects for international and national security in U.S policy toward Iran and other regional actors. President Trump attempts to change U.S regional policy based on offshore balancing in Persian Gulf and Middle East. This approach concentrated on promotes U.S national interest. Trump’s policy will effect on regional structure of international politics. Barak Obama policy toward Iran concentrated on negotiation and engagement process for promote Iran’s position in regional and international politics. Obama foreign policy team argues that politics and international relations depended on Iran’s role in regional balancing of power. Geopolitical approaches emphasized on Trump interaction of geography and strategy. Trump’s team argues that defense and security policy depended on how U.S policy and regional countries collaborates their goals and interests. Trump’s foreign policy team has systematically tried, significant rapprochement among the Persian Gulf states on the issue of security almost impossible. For these reasons, a collective regionally crafted security arrangement that includes littoral states on Iran.