Explanation of Effective Indicators in Border Management

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1 - Associate Professor of Political Geography, Supreme National Defense University, Tehran, Iran

2 - Assistant Professor of Political Geography, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

3 - Associate Professor of Political Geography, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

4 - Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, University of Police, Tehran, Iran


With the entrance to third millennium and formation of globalization process and increasing the mobility of people, goods, organizations… the role and position of borders have been increasingly more and complex. So many countries all over the world attend to supply their borders’ security, avoiding unwanted immigrations and other mobility and on the other hand try to maximize opportunity of desirable Tran boundary interactions. This case has caused to form and highlight a new concept named” border management” in recent decades. Although this concept has been used in the past decades but has not been attended and any specific model has not been presented for it and approaches to bounder management is very various. In this process which is due to contemporary development. Border management in catalyst operates to create national. Regional identity and awareness of the dividing line between two countries, adjusting homeland security, maximizing profits and benefits on the other side of borders and minimizing challenges and insecurities on the other side of borders for country. It’s vital that we learn border management skills in nowadays world that countries dependence have increased and set up a good relationship between two neighboring countries to minimize insecurities, challenges and costs…. First important step is achieving effective indicators for border management. Reviewing theories of border management and also some models, in this case, show that each of them has expressed border management in transient and minor way and there isn’t an appropriate model for border management.
For achieving a complete recognition and better perception of effective indicators in border management, this article is seeking to answer this question that which indicators effect on border management by a descriptive and analytical approach this survey try to reduce the gap between geographical studies and border management in the first step by recognizing effective indicators on border management as much as possible.    
Data obtained during studies show that effective indicators on border management can be divided into five parts: geographical, geopolitics and strategic facts; policies; actors; structural and border factors which influence border management in different ways; that each of this indicators themselves have five sub indicators which have relations and overlaps together.
Result and Conclusion
As a result, it can be said that border management is a new concept that will be developed and highlighted day to day according to development of different sections. Based on this study, we should recognize indicators and actors who effect on border management for achieving border management.