A Critique on Shia Geopolitics Discourse; With Emphasis on Genealogical Approach

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Assistant Professor of Political Geography, Tehran University, Iran

2 - PhD Student of Political Geography, Tehran University, Iran


The results of the research show that located of Shia Iran in Matrix Sunni countries in the Persian Gulf, Always one of The West Maneuver Fields was for political Pressure action against Iran. So that The  schemes such as “Iran Fears”, “Shiite Crescent”, and  “The New Middle East” from regional and trans-regional actors purely has been a strategy to drive out Iran from playground area. Geopolitics In modern thoughts was in based on place as a key factor in understanding the geopolitical zones. But, in the postmodern thoughts, is emphasized on “Space” Instead of “Place” are emphasis on near discourses to each other in public space. For example, the shia geopolitics unlike geopolitical objective effects, has no Visual effects neither the territory nor any level of mapping. But a kind of an attempt to strengthen new words Discourse after Cold War is that threatened the Shia is intended to produce soft power for the west Countries. The idiom of Shia Geopolitics is revealed a Power structure system which can be realized to incentive coined the term. This paper is trying with the re-reading of terminology of Shia Geopolitics, stressed Iran’s, through a “Conceptual Genealogy”, that is done in form of “Discourse Method”, and disclosure of the" invisible structures of power "to give a better understanding of these term.