Geopolitical Imagination of Global Governance in Ancient Persia

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1 -Assistant Professor of History, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran

2 - Assistant Professor of Political Geography, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


The subject of environmental perception has an important role in positioning of global thinking and actions of many groups and nations. Hence, the relation between politics (ideas) and territory (action) has been represented in the form of terms, discourses and different scales for rulers and scholars. In the meantime, understanding the dynamics of power requires knowledge about spatial interactions and changes. Geopolitical imagination as one of the facets of environmental perception is the result of humans and political- Spatial entities that have an important role in creating political-Spatial realities. Hence, Political organization of space at two macro and micro scales in relation to internal and external inputs of political units depends on environmental perception and geopolitical imagination of leaders and decision-makers at two macro and micro levels.
The research methodology adopted is content analysis of ancient texts based on meta-positivism method. Data gathering procedure is library findings.
Results and dissuasion
Iran’s ancient history is a mixture of myth and history. Spatial representation of geopolitical imagination of this era of our country’s history represented in government type at global scale and with global function, that the center of this government is Airyan Vaējah, a holly territory. From this center, World leadership was based on Ahura Mazda world order and in the framework of "Aša". King, as a ruler, earned his spiritual power from Ahura Mazda. Hence, he has heavenly function. He was the helper of Ahura Mazda and killer of Evil Terminator and expander of Aša sovereignty over the world. Historically, Global Government was established in the Achaemenid. They knew themselves the representation of Ahura Mazda.
Based on text of the Avesta, Persia is the best creations of Ahura Mazda. Hence, it is also the center of the praise. On Android Mazdisna, the kingdom belongs to Ahura Mazda. He gives the spiritual power to human, and anyone that he chooses to kingdom benefits from Mazdas spritual power, and should follow divine commands, clean the evils from world and spread justice in the world. If he does not obey from divine, kingdom (legitimacy) is gotten from him. Shah and territory are two interconnected things. Since the territory of Airyan Vaējah is blessing, it is center of the world and by the time that Shah is qualified to maintain divine charisma conditions, will be world ruler. Achaemenid due to leadership ability, power of conquest of world, was being affected by mythological beliefs and cultural- spatial tolerance performed a geopolitical imagination that made their kingdom global and unforgettable. These factors cause Iran’s ancient culture to have adaptable, flexible and tolerant nature.


Volume 9, Issue 31
September 2013
Pages 117-139
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