The Geopolitics of Energy: EU and Energy Security

Document Type : Original Article


- Assistant Professor of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Tehran, Iran


Serious changes in the actors, resources and control methods in the international politics are under way. Over the past years energy resources has been at the forefront of great powers interest and has functioned as determinant factor in their regional and world politics. Due to limited energy resources and problems of safety and affordable access to them, this issue has become one of the most important issues in international security. Energy security is crucial for the European countries that are dependent on importing energy resources.
This research uses the descriptive- analytical method. This article focuses on the future situation of the Europe energy and then uses the future study techniques. The analysis of current trends can provide the better understanding of future.
Result and discussion
Energy is one of the most crucial issues for the Europe and its economy that prosperity and daily life depends on it. The Europe depends on import of energy resource. The European energy demands import from Russia and Middle East. The facts show increasingly demands and vulnerabilities for the European countries that are mainly dependant on the Russian and Middle East countries. The energy security is in the top security priorities of the Europe and European countries and their policies that want to access to security and reliable energy resources. Several energy projects like NABOCU, SOUTH STREAM, AGRI and other projects are under considerations but the problem remains unsolved. The political considerations prevent the European benefit from the Iranian resources opportunities. Increasing demands of the west Asian countries (China and India) and their investment in the Iranian energy fields have crucial role in future of Europe that is very important issue.
European countries to deal with their vulnerabilities in energy dependence should seek some new alternatives. The political considerations prevent Europe to use their best option. Iran is the most serious, secure and economic option. This reality force Europe to consider their anti Iranian policies. Iran should have different plans to use future realities.