Assessment of the Relations between Security and Ecology

Document Type : Original Article


-Assistant Professor of Political Geography, Trbiat Moallem University, Tehran


Emergence of man-made and natural hazards in Global-local scale has been accompanied with changing in security discourses, directions and political- security issues. The end of the cold war was a new beginning in realm at security area that it is based on interactions among political Units. Given to increasing destructive role of human at biosphere and its political-social amplifications, many researchers have focused this area. It seems that unpleasant social and political ramification, emerging from environmental degradation, global warming and climate change have sustainable consequences in individuals, societies livelihood, sustainable security all over the biosphere, especially in developing countries. In this case, geographical sciences traditionally have studied spatial outcomes of ecological human-environment interactions and greatly analyzed its security dimensions in critical geopolitics framework. Therefore only State is not at the core of political geography but human security beyond political borders in term of biosphere is important.