The Impact of Type and Composition of Urban Land uses on forming the Spatial Patterns of Crime Case Study: Drug-related Crimes in CBD of Tehran

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Assistant Professor Strategic Management, Police University, Tehran

2 - Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran

3 -M.A of Geography and Urban Planning, Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran


Of the most influential factors in the incidence of social deviance, environmental features and facilities places where crime is occurring. User forms and distribute them between the occurrence of various crimes in the city has a considerable impact on the other hand unbalanced distribution of land in the city because the population distribution and inharmonious activities and this will reduce the social regulations and increasing insecurity and the occurrence effective crime. The paper type and amount of urban land use in shaping spatial patterns of crime has been studied. Method according to research topic, questions and hypotheses proposed, a combination of descriptive statistics, comparative and analytical. In analyzing the data and statistical analysis in GIS and graphic software office / Excel is used. For statistical analysis and graphics software and plug-Arc GIS .9.3 (Case) and Crime Analysis plugin is used in Arc View environment. The study population as all the numbers (without the use of sampling techniques) from the police and criminal cases related to administrative units of the Greater Tehran police commander on 1/1/1387 till 30/11/1387(21/03/2008 till 19/02/2009) has been extracted. Thus the present study collection of crime statistics community committed drug trafficking and abuse that study period within the central business district of Tehran have occurred. Results show reviews the most important problems of the central business district of Tehran and the lack of proper implementation of the principles of urban land use planning regulations and lack of a balanced distribution of user in this part of the city. This and other issues of physical, social, in this part of the city of Tehran has been caused, in some particular land uses business and service event land uses crime is much more than the other. High population densities and activities as well as crowd during the day in some specific user and their adjacent roads caused the formation of focal focus is crime in these places. Research results indicate measures because empowering physical construction and organization of land use patterns along the central part of optimal management activities central business district of Tehran and reduce bottlenecks and problems in the total physical, social, economic impact of this significant decrease in crime is the central business district of Tehran.