Explanation of the Role of Border Markets in Sustainable Development and Security of the Environs

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Ph.D Student of Political Geography, Trbiat Modares University, Tehran

2 - MA of Rural Geography, Trbiat Modares University, Tehran


Sustainable development, comprehensive security and social justice are the major issues for the developing countries to realize. A glance is enough to understand about the minimum share of borderline communities in the national and regional development plans in comparison with the central regions. Some reasons for this backwardness may be the geographical solitude of the border regions, distance from industrial and economic centers, as well as social, economic, political and cultural underdevelopment. To develop the border areas, countries have created border markets which are among the best known tools for economic development of these disadvantaged areas. This, they do to fight various problems resulting from underdevelopment in these areas. This study with descriptive-analytical approach has relied on library and field studies to clarify the role of border markets in sustainable security and development of the environs especially in Southern Khorasan Province.
The hypothesis is: these border markets possess high potentials for boosting sustainable security and development in their environs. The findings suggest that border markets have managed to relatively make a positive impact in the development of their environs. Such a relative development has boosted security in various aspects. It should be noted, however, that these border markets have made a negative impact on improvement of such factors as education and scientific upbringing of the residents in these areas. The point suggests that development is something beyond progress.