Energy Security and Geo-Energy Position of Iran

Document Type : Original Article


1 - Ph.D Student of Political Geography, Trbiat Modares University, Tehran

2 - MA of Political Geography, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran


With the transfer of the discourse of geo-strategy to geo-economics in recent decades and the superior role of economy in the international relations, the geopolitics of energy and its security has enjoyed a special place in international relations.  In our era, energy, particularly oil, has played a significant role in security and regional and international skirmishes. Hence, such concepts as security of energy, strategic reserves, oil resources, consumers and producers of oil, oil and gas pipelines and their security has become very crucial.  Today Iran is internationally important with regard to the production and transfer of energy. On the one hand Iran is in the center of the strategic energy circle and on the other it is located at the center of transfer of energy to the world’s great energy markets, that is, Europe and South and Southeast Asia. These features have potentially endowed Iran with special geoeconomic and geopolitical characteristics. Attempts should be made to actualize those potential charactersitics  to promote Iran’s status in regional and international arena.