Role of Member Countries of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Global Tourism

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1 -Associate Professor of Geography, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran

2 -MA of Tourism Planning, Tourism Research Institute, Tehran

3 - Ph.D Student of Rural Geography, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran

4 - Member of Scientific board & Researcher, Commercial Reasearch & Studies Institute, Tehran


Today, tourism industry is of great impotence in many countries because of its effects on production, employment and economic development. Islamic countries having cultural and natural heritage and other tourism facilitators and institutions need a strategic movement to focus on tourism industry. In this way they would improve their growth and flourish opportunities. The member countries increasingly activities in recent decade provides us with nice prospect for tourism industry development among Islamic countries, despite of their low level and share in world tourism income. Among member countries, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt and Morocco have devoted 33 percent of all member countries tourism income, despite of asymmetric geographical distribution of tourism development in Islamic countries. It is a cue of new movement and successful policies in member countries. Beside these field findings, tourism industry experts believe that opportunities along with tourism advantages make Islamic countries to choose offensive strategy. Choosing regional and cluster strategic policies facilitates economic integrity to form Islamic common wealth is tourism mote than other economic fields such perspectives along with enhancement of regional commerce room and justifying route map by them makes realization of this idea from intention to practice as rational.