England's Role in Delimitation of Kuwait and Iraq's Borderlines (According to Britain's Foreign Office Documents)

Document Type : Original Article


- Associate Professor of International Relations, Allame Tabatabai University, Tehran


One of the factors that threatens peace and stability in the Middle East region is the territorial and border differences. Borders of regional countries were set and designed in accordance with the interests of the superpowers and are absolutely incompatible with the cultural, geographical and national characteristics of the regional states.
According to Draison and Blikke, these borders which have not yet reached the process of maturity, can always be considered as a mechanism leading to disputes and clashes between the countries of the region. For instance, in this regard, we can refer to the border problems between Iraq and Kuwait which have frequently endangered regional peace and stability. In the present paper attempts have been made to study the role of the British government in delimitating the borders between Kuwait and Iraq according to the official documentations released by the British Foreign Ministry. The findings of ht present paper indicate that the delimitated borders are so much unreal and artificial that it territorial and border differences between Iraq and Kuwait will continue for a long time.