Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 71, November 2023, Pages 1-415 
Explaining the Action Pattern of Geopolitical Territorialization of Countries

Pages 1-33

Davood Rezaei; Mohammad Reza Hafeznia; Mohammad Hossein Afshardi; Sirus Ahmadi Nohdani

Determining the Hydropolitical Impact of Kora-Aras Basin Countries on Iran's Environmental Security Based on the Mactor Method

Pages 62-89

Morad Delalat; Morad Kaviani Rad; Farideh Mohammad Alipour; Mohammad Reza Shahbazbegian

Geopolitical Challenges of Middle East Peace Talks with Emphasis on "Deal of Century"

Pages 155-186

Mohammad Amin Hazrati Razlighi; Mahdi Javdani Moqaddam; Abuzar Gohari Moqaddam

The Role of GAP Project in Hydropolitics of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Basin

Pages 241-272

Yashar Zaki; Mohammad Sadegh Talebi; Marjan Badiee Azandehi; Muhammad Yusefi shatoori

Mutual Sources of Concern between Iran and Saudi Arabia; Why and How

Pages 273-298

Alireza Mohammadi Nigjeh; Hossein Daheshiar; Nozar Shafiee

Faw Grand Port, a New Code in Iraqi Geopolitics

Pages 358-381

Abbas Jaffarinia; Sedaghat Sohrabi; Saeed Faghani Heshmat Abad